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Combating finals fear

Tips and tricks for preparing for finals

With finals coming up, many students find themselves stressing about how to study for the big exam. One of the hardest things to try to study for is free-response questions. Sophomore Lauren Lewis has advice for students concerned about finals.

I would say the best hack for studying free response questions would be to review past FRQs given by the teacher.

Many students utilize the growing amount of study tools on the internet to aid in quick and long-term retention. The most popular study engines include Blooket, Quizlet, and Kahoot. Seniors Nic Brand and Matthew Hellinga both attest to the power of Quizlet. 

“I prefer using Quizlet to study. I feel like it has the most users, and I find myself utilizing the learn feature,” Brand said.

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A small distraction can be the bane of all students, completely throwing them off the study grind.  Many students state that their phone is the root of these distractions. Preventions for the distractions include putting your phone on Do Not Disturb, placing it in another room, and setting a timer to keep you from checking your phone before a good amount of studying has taken place. 

Another distraction every student is guaranteed to experience while studying is hunger. When asked what snack best combats this, most students recommended a cheese-cracker snack of some variety with over half of those answers being goldfish crackers. Keeping a container nearby while studying could prevent distractions found in the kitchen or pantry.

Offering her best piece of advice to those stressing for the final,  Lewis says, “For anyone stressing, I advise them to pray about it. Prayer can help calm anyone down in high stress.”

Hellinga offered this advice, “Don’t worry about it and get the sleep that you need. Sleep is better than cramming.”

Study Buddies: Juniors Ava Beer, Hailey Bullock, Eva Hurrle, and Abby Moll get together for a group study session to enjoy a relaxed environment while preparing for finals.

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