Pandemic pastimes

How to make your time in quarantine not feel boring-tine


CEREAL SADNESS: Sophomore Ronan Euzen is overcome by utter depression as he prepares to eat cereal for the millionth time. Fortunately for him, quarantine presents him with the time to undertake the task of learning how to cook.

As the majority of the United States continues to hunker down in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic, one issue that many people have begun to face is how to stay occupied. Although at quick glance, this problem can seem drastic, there are actually many ways one can find entertainment during these tough times. 

For example, one thing that many people have begun to do to keep themselves occupied is learn how to cook. Before the quarantine, there was always the excuse about not having enough time to learn the processes of creating meals; however, now that obstacle has been removed, and there’s no excuse for getting down and dirty in the kitchen. 

Whether you’re cooking something as complex as beef wellington or as simple as an omelette, quarantine provides the perfect opportunity to graduate from the low and simple life of only being able to “make” cereal.

Similar to cooking, quarantine allots the time to read. With all the free and quiet time people now have available, they have the chance to expand their knowledge of the world through the pages of a book. 

Reading can also provide an escape from the harsh realities of the pandemic as it has the ability to transport people to worlds far way from their own. 

If reading seems to be inexplicably dreadful and boring, another way to take one’s mind off of the world of quarantine is by having a movie or tv night. Finally, there’s time to watch old classic movies that you had always meant to see or more recent flicks that you might have missed out on.

Watching movies and tv can be great, but one must remember to stay active in this time that seems to encourage a sedentary lifestyle. Taking walks or bike rides around the neighborhood everyday while social distancing can be a good way to stay healthy and occupied.

On a more productive note, quarantine also creates the time to be able clean or remodel one’s house. Furniture placements can be rearranged without the fear of having that rearrangement be judged by guests. 

While remodeling the house, a good idea would be to install a bidet in one of your bathrooms, for when the endangered species of toilet paper inevitably goes extinct and the world erupts into chaos, you won’t have a problem. Plus, installing a bidet also gives you the benefit of seeming handy to the people with which you are quarantined.

All these previously mentioned activities might be decent ways to kill time during the quarantine, but none of them compare to calling or video chatting with friends. Staying in touch with the people you care about is extremely important, and calling others can not only be beneficial to yourself but to the people you call as well. 

Quarantine can be a time of worry and uncertainty for many, but hopefully with these tips and activities, finding a source of entertainment won’t be something that contributes to the stress of these already trying times.