Roncalli welcomes interim president Father Bob Robeson

Father Robeson is welcomed as the interim president of Roncalli for the 2020-2021 school year


Photo by John Smith

CELEBRATING THE FAITH: Father Robeson preparing to say mass at graduation for the class of 2020. Graduation was held on July 21st at the Roncalli stadium.

Following the retirement of Dr. Joe Hollowell, Roncalli recently welcomed Robert Robeson as the interim president for the 2020-2021 academic year. Robeson, better known as “Father Bob,” lives an extremely faith oriented life, as he also serves as the pastor of Holy Name Catholic Church, the dean of the Indianapolis South Deanery, and an administrator at Good Shepherd Parish. 

Receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Washington University, his masters degree from the University of South Carolina, and his PHD from Indiana University, Father Robeson has an extremely intensive educational background. 

“I have a very broad background in education just because I loved being involved with it so much. Working alongside the amazing staff and students I have encountered is what I truly love most about my life,” Father Robeson said. 

Working more behind the scenes, Father Robeson has handled a great deal of work this school year. From something as minuscule as answering emails to something as huge as saying mass, he has been staying extremely busy. This includes leading the preparation to change the “Rebel” name.

“I plan to have a task force put together by mid-September, who will then solicit new ideas and suggestions from the community on what our new name should be.” 

Wanting to keep Roncalli’s Catholic identity prominent, he hopes to find a name suitable that is a strong representation of the community. Faith plays the largest role in the school, and his overall goal for the year is to remind students, parents, the rest of the public that we are nothing without God. 

Prioritizing the faith of the school, Father Robeson said “While we have come to love the Rebel name, it is most definitely time for a change. As we better reflect on Pope John XXIII, the word Rebel does not truly reflect his Catholic identity. He was a man who absolutely loved the church and wanted to spread its word, and the word Rebel does not immediately reflect the agenda he had.” 

Amongst the many challenges and changes this year has brought, he hopes that those who call Roncalli home do not forget why they confide in the community it has created. 

“These have been very trying times for not only us, but everyone throughout the world. This year more than ever I want to make sure that they do not have anything to fear when God is on their side. Through his help, we can thrive under any circumstance,” Father Robeson said. 

As the school year progresses, Father Robeson will continue his many duties as Roncalli searches for a full-time president.