Every vote counts

As the election approaches, the importance of voting continues to grow

As the upcoming 2020 election draws ever closer, the pressure to vote has grown substantially. Numerous television adds and social media campaigns have appeared to encourage citizens to vote.

Luckily, here at Roncalli, one man is here to help eligible voters make their voice heard, and that man is Mr. Pat Crosley.

Crosley hopes to take a caravan of Roncalli seniors as well as staff during week of October 26 to vote early as a group.

“Fewer people vote in the age range from 18 to 25, and I want to get young people in the habit of voting,” Crosley said.

Because part of the school population lives in Johnson County, and another part of the population lives in Marion County, and because a person most vote in correspondence with the county they live in, Crosley is taking two different groups to vote.

With this election being a such a contested one, the polls are bound to crowded, making early voting seem like an increasingly appealing option.

“[With early voting,] you can do it whenever you want,” said Crosely. “You can skip the line on election day.”

As concerns with COVID-19 continue to rise, skipping the line might be a very attractive prospect to some people.

However one chooses to vote this election year, the important thing to do is to make your voice heard.

“Voting is the most important civic duty we have,” said Crosley. “It’s important to make your voice heard in any election.”

Early voting is open through Tuesday, October 6 to Monday, November 2. In order to vote, one needs to be registered and have an ID such as a driver’s license or an Indiana-issued photo ID card. First time voters need to demonstrate proof that they live in the state which a state driver’s license can also cover. Election day is on Tuesday, November 3.