Full-time learning

Three students are interviewed about their hybrid learning experience


Photo by Cole Cothron

FULL-TIME SENIOR: Senior Gianna Romano was among the first students to return to school for full-time learning.

As the first quarter has come to an end, many are starting to come back to school full time.  While these students return, they all had different reasons for coming back to school full-time.

     “I wasn’t getting much work done,” senior Ryan Green said. “Plus, I was moving houses and needed to be out of the house.”

Green said there are also some pros and cons to being full time.

“I get to see my friends from both ends of the alphabet and I get in-person teaching instead of on some days. The only cons are that I have to get up early everyday, and there is a higher risk of getting COVID.”

     Green also had thoughts about hybrid learning in comparison to e-learning.

“Hybrid learning wasn’t too bad, but I prefer going to school. I liked sleeping in more, but some classes I take like drafting have to be in-person. I did think hybrid was better than e-learning. I liked going to school sometimes [rather than not going at all] and I liked the face-to-face interaction [as opposed to just on the computer.] No one was really prepared for e-learning, which made everything about it hard.”

Sophomore Micah Waugh also returned to full-time class when the option became available.

“I was taking too many hard classes,” Waugh said. “Also, I wanted to see my friends.”

“I got to see my friends more, but I felt that e-learning was more organized than hybrid learning,” Waugh stated when giving her opinion on hybrid learning versus e-learning.

Senior Gianna Romano also is taking advantage of the opportunity to go to school full-time.

“My classes were too hard to take from home,” Romano said.

She had mixed feelings about hybrid learning and compared her experiences to e-learning.

“[The pros of hybrid were that] I got to see more of my friends [in comparison with e-learning] and I was less stressed, but I was tired from waking up so early and Google Meets were too slow. However, I think hybrid learning has been very good so far.”