Coach has high expectations for season

Experience, hard work, and dedication will be key components this football season


Photo by Julie Albertson

LEAPING LOCKARD: Kyle Lockard has a diving touchdown catch against Southport. Lockard had a total of 8 catches for 85 receiving yards to help the Royals beat Southport 55-7. Lockard had 4 catches for 78 yards against Franklin Central in week two, resulting in a 34-13 win.

With leadership and hard work, Coach John Rodenberg has high expectations this season for the team as he leads the Royals into his second season at Roncalli.

“The team has potential to be really good… We definitely have a good shot at winning another ring,” Rodenberg said, after coming off a state championship season.

Although Rodenberg made himself clear that winning a ring is not an easy task, he has a good idea on how the team will be successful this season.

“It’s a process, it’s working everyday towards getting better and not just focusing on a win. The focus can’t always be winning, but rather what needs to be done in order to get us closer to a win,” Rodenberg said.

According to Rodenberg along with hard work, great leadership is necessary for success. He expects the 15 returning starters to be role models for the younger classes, who are still adjusting to junior varsity and varsity football.

“Definitely, it’s a great group of leaders we need to depend on to teach [the younger players] the expectations, because there is a large sophomore class still getting used to JV and varsity football,” Rodenberg said.

This leadership can be expressed through not only words, but actions. That is just what Rodenberg expects too, specifically from four-year starting quarterback senior Aidan Leffler and all-conference wide receiver senior Kyle Lockard.

“With those guys you can really expand your playbook, and also they both have experience. You can’t teach experience, and Aidan has that. He brings that to the team, he’s a really good leader. Kyle is also definitely someone to depend on as well,” Rodenberg said. 

Experience will be a determining factor for the football team, according to Rodenberg. He made it clear that hard work and dedication too, are going to be the center point of this season in order to be consecutive state championship contenders. 

On August 27, 2021 the Royals beat Franklin Central 34-13 on the road. This brings their record to 2-0, after a 55-7 win against Southport during week one.