From teammates to brothers

Companionship between players creates a foundation for a good season.


Photo by Keagan Rothrock

SENIOR SEASON: Senior Colin Newett hopes to win sectionals alongside his teammates.

Every team has a defining quality, this year’s boys’ soccer team is defined by the dedication and brotherhood of its seniors. 

Out of 22 varsity players, 15 of them are seniors. This group is led by Coach Maurice Schilten, who was previously the girls’ soccer coach.

With a new coach, comes new goals. Senior Tyler Johnson explained that the team is working hard towards meeting their goals this season.

“The intensity of practice,” Johnson said, “we really push each other to be better.”

Because the team has been working together from the beginning, the chemistry between the players is a key to their success on the field.

“Our relationship is really strong because a lot of us have been playing together all four years,”  Johnson said, “it’s really like a brotherhood.”

Senior Colin Newett said this is how this relationship between the seniors as well as their shared experience paves the way for success this upcoming season. 

“Just having so many good soccer players as seniors, and having them as a team every year has been really good,” Newett said. 

The boys are hoping to win at the sectional finals and go farther this season to finish their senior year.

“Because we have a lot of talent on our team, winning sectionals would be huge,” Newett said.

With such an important goal in mind, the team is focusing up in practices and working together to ensure the win at sectionals according to Johnson.

“Just being able to play pretty much any position, covering for anybody, and finishing in the box [are the keys to this season],” Johnson said.

An important aspect of any team is leadership, after this season, the team will be losing the leadership of 15 players and passing it on to varsity juniors.

Alejandro Gomez, Christian Maldonado, and Luke Kegerreis have a lot of potential to lead our team and win games next season,” Newett said. 

The seniors are making it a goal to help prepare the juniors to take on leadership next year.

“[We are] trying to communicate with them and let them know what it takes to lead a team,” Johnson said. 

The Royal soccer team has started off the season with a few wins, defeating Brebeuf Jesuit, Franklin Central, and tying 1-1 with Center Grove.