Ultimate Frisbee’s new groove

Ultimate Frisbee Club delivers new competitiveness with more members and tournaments in the works


Photo by John Smith

NEW LEADERSHIP: Royal Frisbee players grin for a team photo. Pictured in the center, right of Cooper is coach Louise Hibner, kicking it off in her first year as head of Ultimate Frisbee Club.

Students in the Ultimate Frisbee Club meet up once or twice a week to practice their craft on the stadium field. With 35 consistent players and some that play recreationally, the club has grown and unlocked new levels of frisbee play.

Veteran Ultimate Frisbee Club member Braeden Cooper breaks down the positions on the team and what they are doing in what he considers a conditioning stage of the club.

“[On practice days], we scrimmage ourselves to practice throwing, catching, defenses, and different moves or plays that we can run,” Cooper said. “Handlers make the passes, mid’s try to get open, and defensive players try to block those passes by swatting.”

On top of basic drills and intersquad melees, German Teacher and Ultimate Frisbee Club coach Ms Louise Hibner shares that the club carves out time slots to lift weights in the bubble.

“The Athletic Department lets us use the bubble, and we’re usually in there on Fridays,” Hibner said. “People want to get familiar with the different machines, and [lifting] is just another way to stay healthy.”

Beyond stepping up their conditioning game, Ultimate Frisbee is taking competition to new heights. After their debut at Bishop Chatard last year and some Spring tournaments, the club has planned fresh tournaments like the one later this month down in Kentucky. 

Ultimate Frisbee’s new prominence shaped the club into what is now a sports team, where club meetings are practices that work toward competitive matches. While these practices are a time commitment, Cooper and Hibner agree that the club attracts a variety of students, mixing all grade levels and kinds of people together.

“[Students] come just for fun, exercise, and a way to meet new people,” Hibner said.

Additionally, the club provides fun for students, and Cooper expresses that Ultimate Frisbee allows him to hang out with his friends, make new companions, and show off athleticism. Fellow member junior Josh Renshaw enjoys the club for the same reasons and shares his unique appreciation for Ultimate Frisbee. 

“I enjoy being a part of a Roncalli sports team, and everyone is welcoming,” Renshaw said. “It’s easy to pick up and you don’t need prior experience.”

Renshaw reveals that the October tournament will be Halloween themed and students can dress up for the event. Upcoming competitions are brewing, and both Cooper and Renshaw encourage students interested in Ultimate Frisbee Club to join.