GAPP Student Profile; Hannah and Lotta



Leaving Germany to come to America is no easy task, but GAPP student Hannah decided to take the risk. GAPP is a partnership program between high schools to send students from Germany to America and vice versa. A huge adaption has been the high school way of life. “We don’t wear uniforms in Germany. We also have different classes everyday unlike you,” says Hannah. Those were just a couple of differences between the two high schools. Others include the curriculum, class styles, and even the toilets. One of her favorite differences, however, was the food. Hannah said she made pecan pie with her host family in the first couple of days in America. This was her first time making and eating a pecan pie. In Germany, cakes are much more popular than pies, so it wasn’t common for her to eat them. She ended up loving the pie and is excited to try more American foods.








     Every other year, the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) sends exchange students from Germany to America and from America to Germany. The students stay in each country for two weeks, exploring what each country has to offer. German exchange student, Lotta Hoedt, explains her experience in America and at Roncalli High School. “I originally chose to come to America because I had heard a lot of stories about the U.S. and its people. I also wanted to learn more about the culture and to practice my English,” said Hoedt. As she expected, there were numerous differences between Germany and the U.S. “In Germany, we are not allowed to drive until we are 18, and it is expensive to learn. Here you are allowed to drive at 16. There is also a lot more public transportation in Germany compared to the U.S. Another thing that is different is that in Germany we have block scheduling in school, but here you do not have that,” said Hoedt. While here, Hoedt has visited Lucas Oil Stadium, Perry Meridian High School, St. Mark Catholic School, and New York City. Hoedt plans to come back to the U.S. in the future and visit the west coast along with numerous other landmarks.