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Daily life in the Athletic Office

The behind the scenes of athletics
Photo by Ben Brandenburg
Assistant athletic director Regan Getz looks over the schedules for the upcoming sporting events. “We prioritize what needs to happen today, so we can be better prepared for the future,” Getz said.

In the Roncalli Athletic Department, there is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into organizing athletic events. With there only being three workers within the department, there needed to be efficient preparation and organization going into all athletics.

“The key is early preparation and staying consistent with a routine,” athletic director David Lauck said.

With three members and a large workload, work constantly needed to be spread out among the directors. Mrs. Regan Getz, as one of the two assistant athletic directors, aimed to split up work with Lauck and Mr. Jason Sims in order to effectively manage time between athletic events.

“The three of us work really well together. We prioritize what needs to happen today, especially in spring, and get what needs to be done,” Getz said.

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Attending as many events as possible was of utmost importance to those in the athletic department. Due to them having to set up every game, it is crucial that they effectively manage their time between each game. Some events, however, require the services of more people than are available within the athletic department. Lauck described these events as “all hands on deck” events, which means that the athletic events require every available administrator to be in attendance. 

“When I call an ‘all hands on deck’ event, everyone needs to be ready,” Lauck said.

Lauck and Sims still have to balance their duties as athletic directors as well as their roles as the head softball and head girls basketball coach respectively. Even though this may prove difficult, good time management allowed these two to focus on their individual sports.

“I have more opportunities to focus on being a coach than an administrator during the winter,” Sims said. 

Even though there is a large workload that needed to be addressed each season, the athletic department effectively and efficiently handled each sport by splitting the amount of work that needed to be done among the workers. Getz took it upon herself to handle the transactions of the athletics by paying officials, gathering results and posting them to social media. Sims and Lauck, on the other hand, handled all of the contact aspects of the athletic department, sending emails to parents and other schools. The athletic department is in charge of handling a lot of preparation for all of the different sporting events, but due to the efforts of the three administrators, every event is run smoothly, so the athletes are able to focus on the sports they’re best at. 

“The athletic department is busy and hectic, but it is also fun and energetic. It is an environment where you’re not exactly sure what is going to happen,” Lauck said.

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