Seeing positives amidst the negatives

Despite being an uncertain year with uncertain systems, hybrid learning has had many positive effects thus far.


Photo by Josh Wormann

MMM… COMFY: Many students were skeptical about hybrid learning at first, but have quickly become comfortable and satisfied with the situation. Students are definitely not in an ideal situation, but they can accept the positives as they come.

Since the beginning of this unusual school year, many students and teachers have been frustrated with the hybrid learning format. Although most Roncalli family members recognize the need for this format, almost all still long for the good old days, when students ran rampant through the hallways, authority gathered in bunches in the teachers’ lounge, and everyone could see each others’ faces.

Unfortunately, this world is gone for now, with Covid-19 precautions dominating our school activities. But there are a lot of benefits to the hybrid system outside of preventing the spread of the virus that do not get enough credit. For example, students benefit from the following:

Can sleep later on E-learning days.

Personally, I have been waking up an hour later for school on E-learning days and it has helped my sleep schedule tremendously.

Can eat during class while at home.

I usually relied on snacking on pretzel sticks in my morning classes in past years (shoutout Mrs. English and Ms. Reuter) instead of eating an early breakfast, but this year, it’s much harder to eat in class with the mask mandate. Fortunately, eating during hybrid learning is safe, so I can have a full breakfast whenever I’d like during class.

Could make scrambled eggs during class.

Tying back to eating at home, passing period leaves the optimal amount of time to cook up some scrumptious scrambled eggs. And if one can’t finish making the eggs, Roncalli educators would surely encourage students to finish so they have a healthy, balanced breakfast.

Basically get an hour break in the middle of the day(sorry announcement lunchers.)

Lunch/study always seems to fly by because students are talking to their friends or working on homework, but now this can be an important time of self reflection and recovery between classes.

Can pick up fast food during lunch.

Eating fast food for lunch has always been an obstacle in the past, but now picking up fast food for lunch is easier than ever.

May watch YouTube videos during breaks at home.

I’ve been watching a lot of Dan TDM and Ninja videos when I would usually have announcements. Being able to watch my favorite YouTubers has definitely improved my mental health lately.

Have more time to focus on prayer between classes.

Even if students only have enough time for a few Hail Mary’s, the break between passing periods at home is a great time to say some prayers.

Learn how to use voice modifiers in Google Meet.

Some pranksters decided to spice up Google Meets with voice changing effects such as the Moses voice or the “I Am T Pain Mic” toy. Although this could get distracting in the middle of the class, it is a perfect way to break the ice during roll call.

Can avoid their arch nemesis in the opposite side of the alphabet.

I’m watching you Dylan Bruner ??