New beginnings

The Royal Review gives their take on the big changes to the school’s name and image


Photo by Kylie Perkins

HELLO, MY NAME IS: Some of the biggest news to hit Roncalli recently is the introduction of the new mascot, with a name picked out by the students. In a recent survey, the name “Rowdy” reigned victorious.

In the past year alone, there have been significant changes made to Roncalli’s name, image, and mascot. Although these changes have been controversial for some, the Royal Review staff agrees that there is value in new beginnings and starting new traditions. 

     Making a change to our mascot and putting behind our associations with hateful ideas is an important first step to making our school more welcoming and inclusive. With our new image, we have been able to build new traditions, like a new name for our newspaper, our new mascot, and a club dedicated to celebrating inclusivity and diversity, the R Family Club. 

     The R Family Club has been a big proponent of new traditions at Roncalli and is making a push to include different cultures into our established traditions. We’ve seen this through the bilingual readings at mass, more prayers and announcements celebrating diversity, and an entire day dedicated to being educated about and recognizing other cultures. 

These new traditions are a step in the right direction, and the first of many in advancing our school, and better reflecting our school’s mission of “forming disciples of Jesus Christ through the intercession of St. John XXIII.” Overall, we believe these recent changes aren’t the end of something, but rather a refreshing new beginning, with more opportunities to come.