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Scheduling for success

Multiple students share their contrasting ideas on the new scheduling process
Photo by Nicole Azar
Sophomore Anna Cromer schedules during homeroom for her classes for next year.

5Scheduling for classes in the upcoming school year could be a stressful process. This year, instead of having all students scheduled at one time, each grade scheduled at a different time and day. Rising seniors scheduled on Tuesday January 30, either in the morning or during homeroom. Rising juniors scheduled the next day, Wednesday, during homeroom. And, finally, rising sophomores scheduled for the first time ever on the following Thursday, also during homeroom. 

“I feel unsure about scheduling because some of the classes I want could be taken or filled,” freshman Gloria Bawithapar said. 

Bawithapar expressed she supported scheduling at school. She liked the opportunity to go talk to her counselor if she needs help while scheduling. Although she felt she could’ve used more guidance from counselors about what classes to schedule, the process seemed fine to her, especially considering the juniors schedule first and freshman last. 

In a contrasting way, sophomore Caroline Crews disapproved of the plans to schedule in school, especially since the WiFi, in her opinion, was not strong enough for so many people to be on at once. 

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“The chromebooks are not going to load. People wont get their classes,” Crews said. 

Crews strongly emphasized that scheduling should not be during the school day so people can use different WiFi and so classes won’t fill up as fast. Although scheduling at home meant some people did not wake up in time, Crews believed that was beneficial for her to get in her classes. 

“If you don’t have the responsibility to wake up for scheduling, maybe you don’t have the responsibility to take the class,” Crews said. 

Frustrated at the scheduling process overall, Crews complained about the master schedule and trying to fit in her classes. 

“Just because a few classes don’t work out, you have to rework the whole schedule,” Crews said. 

Junior Clare Diaz agreed that ensuring classes fit into her schedule was a difficult process, especially if the classes change periods on the master schedule. Although that aspect could be challenging at times, Diaz overall felt prepared for scheduling. 

“I looked at the course catalogue early and found the classes I’m interested in,” Diaz said. 

Diaz also preferred scheduling at home, as her parents could’ve helped her, and she would overall feel less rushed. Diaz also appreciated the counselors, and how they were constantly available for questions and if people needed help. 

“Scheduling can be stressful, but they help to make it as least stressful as possible,” Diaz said.

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