It’s corona time

As coronavirus continues to spread, the world is being affected in more ways than one


Photo by Illustration by the Delaware Division of Public Health

HEALTHY HABITS: As the world continues to power through the unprecedented time that is currently taking place, this graphic presents some helpful tips to follow to prevent the spread of disease. For more information and updates on the coronavirus, visit

The world is in chaos. With the recent explosion of coronavirus, people have begun to take increasingly drastic measures to protect themselves from the disease. Such measures include the extreme such as gargling bleach or the more mild such as stockpiling gas and food for a makeshift bunker. Although these actions are rather drastic (Especially gargling bleach. DO NOT gargle bleach.), there is still reason to be worried about the virus. 

For example, as a result of the coronavirus, the stock market has severely fluctuated in the United States, with the Dow Jones having their worst week since the housing market crash in 2008. On March 16, the Dow had its worst day in history with its stock dropping around 3000 points. 

Companies whose products rely on public interaction have been hit especially hard, for Disney’s shares have dropped 35% due to the closure of parks and cruises and the suspension of theatrical releases. Airline companies have also seen a significant drop in stock due to the recent lack of travel created by the disease. However, despite the recent turbulence in the market, there is still hope.

“Historically speaking, the market will always bounce back,” world history teacher Mr. John Hasty said. “However, it’s bad news for the older generations who have saved up their money and retired because they don’t have the time to wait for the markets to bounce back.”

Despite older folks experiencing an economic downside due to coronavirus, younger and working generations have the potential to gain something from the recent disease.

“As an effect of coronavirus goods and stocks have become cheaper, giving younger people an opportunity. They can buy stock now while it’s cheap, wait for it to bounce back, and have a good return on their investment,” Hasty said.

Not only has world economics been affected by the virus, but education systems throughout the globe are also being disrupted. In countries where the virus is widespread like Japan, Italy, and China, all schools have been temporarily closed and citizens have been instructed to stay inside. 

As coronavirus has begun to infiltrate Indiana, schools and colleges across the state are have been instructed to shut down. Many of these institutions have turned to E-learning days in order to keep students stimulated. Colleges, such as Purdue, have taken the decision to remain closed until the end of the semester, and high schools are on the verge of following suit.

On March 19, Indiana governor Eric Holcomb announced that he would sign an executive order to close all schools until May 1 with a possibility of extending the deadline. Thus, self-quarantine and E-learning isolation seems to be here to stay for the long run.

In order to prevent further spread of disease, the companies such as Eli Lilly have asked employees to work at home if possible. All restaurants throughout Indiana have closed down as well, adopting a policy of take-out only to limit people’s interaction with each other.

Many churches have also closed down, and Indiana bishops in Indianapolis, Evansville, Gary, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Lafayette have suspended all masses in their diocese until further notice. However, some parishes have resorted to virtual mass in which a priest consecrates the Eucharist, delivers homilies, and reads readings through a live stream. In light of the recent outbreak, Pope Francis also asked Catholics around the world to pray the rosary on March 19.

In the sphere of Roncalli, the coronavirus has postponed spring break trips abroad, such as the trip to France and the faculty pilgrimage to Italy. Students have also ended up cancelling cruises or trips around the United States. Depending on how long the severity of the virus lasts, people could even end up cancelling summer trips as well. 

As of March 13, Roncalli has been closed and students have undertaken E-learning. Originally planning to return on April 6, the date has been pushed back to May 1 in accordance with the governor’s executive order. Due to the cancellation of school the cast of the spring play only performed one night instead of the usual three, and the various spring sports have had their seasons cut short.

Many other sports seasons and tournaments in the United State have been canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus including the NBA, March Madness, the Boston Marathon, the MLB, the NHL, the NFL, and the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

According to the CDC, all nonessential travel should be cancelled in order to avoid further spread of disease. However, if you do choose to travel, make sure to frequently wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds at a time before eating, after sneezing, after coughing, or after going to the bathroom. The CDC also recommends that you attempt to keep away from people who are sick. 

In following these guidelines, hopefully society will successfully “flatten the curve” of those catching the virus, for as the number of sick people continues to rise, health care systems across the country are becoming increasingly overwhelmed. By practicing self quarantine, the amount of people getting sick at one time should decrease, reducing the stress placed upon health care provider and hospitals.

The important thing to remember is to keep good personal hygiene (especially by washing your hands), and hopefully, the coronavirus will soon run its course and become a disease of the past.