High expectations for homecoming

Many of the students and staff are hoping for a fun homecoming week


Photo by Ann Nelson

Mr. John Hasty in Christmas pajamas on the first day of homecoming spirit week, Holiday Day.


Details about this year’s 2021-2022 homecoming week and dance have been announced, and everyone hopes for a fun experience, including the people planning the event.

Mrs. Brittany Ratcliff, who is in charge of preparing the event with the help of student council members, hopes that there will be a lot more activities other than dancing at homecoming. For this reason, there will be a projector to play Mario Kart on, a Kona Ice snow cone truck, and cornhole at the dance. 

“My goal is to advertise more than just dancing,” Ratcliff said.

Additionally, homecoming spirit week has been planned out for a while now, and it was a long process.  It involved narrowing down all the homecoming spirit week dress up day ideas to five, creating slides to promote these dress up days and finding people to clean up after the dance.

“Weeks in advance, we had planned the overall theme,” Ratcliff said.

Ratcliff hopes the planning she did with the student council will be worth it in the end and students will have an exciting homecoming experience. 

One group of students that will be very involved with homecoming are the seniors, especially since they make up the homecoming court. Last week, the names of the students on the homecoming court were announced. These students were Gabbie Conjelko, Emma Halter, Cate Lehner, Ainsley Newett, Veronica Nnatubeugo, Sofia Reutebuch, Carlie Young, Eli Crouch, Lucas Erickson, Luke Guthrie, Michael Hegwood, Zander Hooten, Garrett Oursler, and Sam Sering. Sering is looking forward to the homecoming week and dance.

“I think the week will be very eventful,” Sering said, “As seniors, knowing it’s the last year, we’ll have the time of our lives at homecoming.”

The homecoming dance will be from 8:00-10:50 PM on Saturday, September 25th. Tickets will be sold in lunch periods during homecoming spirit week.